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Sue Thorson is a Senior EEO Investigator/Mediator for Federal government agencies and has been mediating since 2000. Sue has hundreds of hours of mediation experience involving workplace/organizational disputes, family conflicts, and Metro Court cases. Sue also mediates cases for the Federal sector as a member of shared neutral, Federal Executive Board. She is a board member of mediation organizations as well as cultural and civil/human rights organized groups. Sue holds an MPA Degree from Pepperdine University, Malibu-Los Angeles, California.

  • Business Type : ADR
  • Main Products : 3
  • Number Of Employees : 5
  • Main Markets : Albuquerque
  • Language : English
  • References : Jane Doe - Jane Doe Inc
  • Hours of Mediation Training : 1000
  • Trainings : ADR Training (2019)
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