Ramirez, Ted

Ramirez, Ted

P.O. Box 1439 Mesilla, New Mexico 88046-1439


Conflict and Dispute Resolution Services of the Southwest is dedicated to providing confidential, compassionate, efficient, thoughtful and creative environments to create YOUR win-win solutions through mediation. In addition, we provide Arbitration, Ombudsman and Negotiation Services for both business and governmental agencies. We speak, read and write in English and Spanish.

Our aim is to provide a confidential, compassionate, affordable and prompt alternative to the cost, time, stress, confusion and uncertainty of threats or ongoing litigation by utilizing our years of professional experience in business and governmental environments to foster mutually beneficial solutions for all parties.

Our company principal has over 40 years of real-world experience leading individuals and teams and learning and teaching how to develop tools and skills to resolve disputes and conflicts between individuals, organizations, and customers.


Mediation Type: General Mediation

Language: English, Spanish

Specialty Areas: Workplace Issues, Organization Conflict, Consumer and Family

Company: Conflict and Dispute Resolutions of the Southwest

Membership Type: Professional