The New Mexico Mediation Association was created to promote the concept of mediation as a method of resolving disputes, educate the general public regarding the benefits of mediation and to provide a network of information exchange for the mediation community in the State of New Mexico.


The New Mexico Mediation Association (NMMA) is a non-profit organization of mediators and members of the mediation community interested in mediation in the state of New Mexico.

We are committed to advancing the practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution through education, training and learning events, informational speakers, practice groups, mediator recruitment, and informational links to local and national resources. Your membership with NMMA makes this possible, and we invite you to join us today!

We have a listing of mediators in most cities across New Mexico and we are growing everyday! Interested in securing a mediator? Check out our “Professional Mediators” section where you can get in touch with one of our local members for mediation services.